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Please refrain from taking this space too seriously. It is an experimental platform and always evolving. Hope it brings your inspiration, in some small way. Enjoy.

On happiness

Happiness is something humans endlessly seek within their lives. Whether it is the rush of buying something new or the release of dopamine with incoming mail, we all seek instant gratification at one point or another to help us feel good.

Worth is innate

Self-compassion is a term which carries a lot of weight in the world we live in today. It is about being loving and kind to yourself, always, even when you don’t think you deserve it. Especially on days when you feel disappointed, ashamed or weak. And allowing yourself to feel proud, joyful and strong is a form of self-compassion, too.

Home is where our memories are

You choose what you want to remember by the objects you decide to keep. We spend our lives buying, collecting, stacking, organizing and tossing various objects we’ve accumulated. But how do you decide what to keep? And what is really worth keeping?

Set intentions, not resolutions

The past year was filled with milestones. Learning to get comfortable with discomfort. Accepting what is and learning how to let go and surrender. It was a year of progress, prosperity, commitment, and pure joy. It was a journey through deep thinking and reflection, and even more a year of personal growth and deep dives.

Interview: Clarent Savi, Fashion Designer

Savi, as he’s known among friends, is a self-taught fashion designer trained in fashion management. Despite his physically tall demeanour, Savi struck me with his gentle and amicable personality. What began as a personal experiment to create the perfect tank top, resulted in a very unique product with a clear mission.

Interview: Bambos Demetriou, Photographer

In a city that’s bursting with raw talent, Bambos Demetriou is no exception. His eclectic character embraces the unapologetic nature of a life worth living and a journey worth pursuing. Avoiding the use of titles to label his creative process, Bambos shares his sincere perspective on the art of photography.

Interview: Luca Trevisani, Multidisciplinary Artist

A few months ago I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Luca Trevisani to discuss the topic of connection, namely related to his own work, amongst other things. As explained by the artist himself, Luca’s work explores the links between life, change and decay within the natural environment and the various species that occupy its parameters.

Interview: Amanda Hofman, Leather Crafter

Amanda Hofman is the creative force behind Studio April, a small leather studio founded on the principles of recycling, reusing and reducing material waste. Amanda seeks to reconcile our love for leather with handmade, quality bags crafted from existing matter.

Interview: Husein Rahemtulla, Whole Food Supplier

Husein Rahemtulla is the co-owner and co-founder of Fresh Prep, a meal delivery initiative based in Vancouver. Fresh Prep is built on the guiding principle of serving fresh, quality produce to customers who are seeking healthy alternatives to complement their busy lifestyles.

Ryan McGinley Whistles for the Wind

Whistle For The Wind is the first major monograph chronicling the career of 35-year-old photographer, Ryan McGinley, over its entirety of twelve years. The book also features filmmaker Gus Van Sant who collaborates with McGinley in an interview that renders their views on youth, hedonism and the art of fast living.

Beautiful and Beguiling: The Life and Work of Pina Bausch

Dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch passed away merely five days after learning she was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. She left behind her legacy at the Tanztheatre in Wuppertal, Germany, a company that was defined by her Neo-Expressionist form of movement. Her techniques were often strikingly influential, as much as they were controversial, and opened doors to new methods of movement for daring artists.

Interview: Karim Adduchi, Fashion Designer and Visual Artist

Karim Adduchi is a multi-disciplinary artist working with textile, paint, photography, and most recently, has shown intention of infusing sound into his future projects. Born in Morocco, raised in Barcelona, and currently splitting his time in artistic and cultural capitals Amsterdam and Paris, Karim prefers to keep his belongings humbly tucked away in his travel bag as he tends to take flight on very short notice.

Interview: Bonne van der Ree, Jewelry Designer

Bonne van der Ree of BonBon Boutique is a modern day entrepreneur with an enviable life story to tell. Her boutique is located in the very heart of the niche upscale shopping district of Amsterdam, and is undeniably tempting from the very first glance through its coveted window display on the corner of Spuistraat and Rosmarijnsteeg.

Interview: Ali Munn, Metal Artist

Alison Munn is a Calgary native currently residing on the western coast of Canada. Her intuitive handcrafting nature is marked by her unique craftsmanship and skill for metalwork. Alison gives a softness that accentuates the durability of the metal pieces, endowing their natural strength with a sense of femininity suitable for women of many tastes.

Interview: Luca Fogale, Musician

Luca Fogale is born and raised in Vancouver BC and his west coast attitude hits close to home. For Luca, home is wherever his music is. Sitting on a sunny patio next to roaring midday traffic, we both opt for a dark roast brewed coffee, agreeing that a solid brew can satisfy one perfectly. 

Interview: Kamiel and Martijn Blom, Industrial Authentics

Blom&Blom is an independent initiative of brothers Kamiel & Martijn, who are as much alike as they are different. It all began with a few casual visits through abandoned East German factories, just for the fun of it, where the brothers discovered their passion for resurrecting material treasures of the past.

René Gruau: Past Meets Present in Art and Fashion

From Klimt to Murakami, the influence of artists on fashion is undeniable, especially today. It is no secret that the innovative designs of 20th century fashion illustrator René Gruau helped to portray the sartorial terrain he occupied and inspire the future of fashion, including our present.

Let’s sit down before we go: a collection of memories by Bertien van Manen

It has now been over twenty years since Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen (1942) last visited the remote regions of the former Soviet Union, from which stems her most recent collection. Let’s sit down before we go (2011), features photographs taken by Van Manen during her extensive travels throughout Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Siberia, Georgia, and the Ukraine throughout 1991 – 2009.