Creative Content & Communication Specialist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We live in an increasingly globalized world and communicating across borders requires more than just language skills. I am passionate about facilitating effective (intercultural) communication through in-company courses and writing your (brand) story or (professional) portfolio.

Most of my clients are working professionals who wish to upgrade their soft skills. Vocational communication trainings are tailored on request. I have previously worked with – and designed unique content for – individuals and groups in various professional sectors (arts, HR, finance, accounting, aviation, logistics, hospitality, IT, legal, marketing, PR, retail, real estate and education). Price quotations are calculated on request.

❤︎ private language coaching
❤︎ creative copywriting
❤︎ english translations and editing
❤︎ intercultural competence training
❤︎ tailored in-company workshops

My freelance activities can be divided across multiple categories and are often a compilation of all of the above. Please get in touch with me directly if you wish to discuss a tailored request for creative content, workshops for your company or a private training. (Almost) anything is possible.


Registered in KvK / Chamber of Commerce (61335916) and CRKBO / CPION (A. Omerovic).