Set intentions, not resolutions

The past year was filled with milestones. Learning to get comfortable with discomfort. Accepting what is and learning how to let go and surrender. It was a year of progress, prosperity, commitment, and pure joy. It was a journey through deep thinking and reflection, and even more a year of personal growth and deep dives.

Setting resolutions can help you reach your goals, but it can also limit your true potential for personal – or professional – growth. In our attempt to forecast the future, we spend less time in the present and more often experience feelings of anxiety triggered by fear of the unknown. The same can be said about lingering in memories of our past and basing future expectations on the outcome of past events. Both are destined to set us back in one way or another. Setting intentions, on the other hand, encourages our mind to stay present and conscious of how we approach each task and obstacle: thoughtfully and mindfully. If we spent more time in the present, our intentions would receive more attention.

Let’s set intentions for this year that challenge us, stretch our comfort zones and make us feel a little more alive. Let’s stop settling for less and always strive to get the most of each day and each moment, while doing what we love. Let’s release thoughts that no longer spark joy, and say goodbye to habits – and people – that no longer serve us. Let’s never doubt our potential and trust that we all have something unique to contribute, even though the looming thought of criticism or failure might be holding us back. You deserve to be here and so does everyone else, so treat yourself – and others – with kindness.

What are your intentions?