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Alma was my personal teacher in preparation for my Cambridge English exams. She is very gifted, makes you feel at ease and is able to educate in a calm and effective way. Alma is a friendly and warm person with a sincere interest in her students. She connected with me and helped me through difficult parts. As a result I received my Certificate by passing the exam. I can highly recommend Alma for improving language skills. – Ingrid, Agile & Scrum Coach ❤︎

I was fortunate to have Alma as my teacher. In just a few months, my English improved considerably, all thanks to her methods. She is very ambitious in teaching and I think that Alma can teach absolutely anyone. Every single minute of each lesson is used efficiently, with structure, to achieve the desired results. I definitely recommend Alma for people who are looking for great results in the shortest possible amount of time. – Kateryna, Photographer ❤︎

It was a joy to have Alma as my personal teacher. She was genuinely interested in me as a person and it was great fun to discuss with her all kinds of subjects. She is a pleasant, wise person and easy to talk to. Alma offered me various resources to improve my English and was persistent in correcting my mistakes. I really liked Alma’s accurate and creative way of teaching. My goals, to talk English more fluently and with more confidence, were certainly met! – Edith, Information Analyst ❤︎

Alma is an excellent teacher who helped me improve my English in a few months. She is a nice person and very pleasant to cooperate with. In a pleasant way I was pointed to typical ‘double Dutch’ errors and other mistakes. I feel a lot more comfortable in an English-speaking environment a few months later. Do not hesitate if you are looking for a good English teacher. I definitely recommend Alma. – Vincent, Marketing Manager ❤︎

Alma is a great teacher. She listened to my questions and needs and carefully considered what kind of lessons would work for me. She provided me with useful exercises, websites, tips and lists, specified to my job. Besides that Alma is very kind, a person with whom you feel yourself at ease. – Frederieke, Art Registrar ❤︎

The lessons gave me a lot of energy, were very useful and gave me the confidence I needed for my job in an international environment. Alma perfectly understood my needs and, with very useful conversations, she helped me pursue my efforts further. We focused on improving spoken fluency and I managed to reach level Intermediate+ in Business English. I feel really confident when I speak in English now. During the 15 weeks of training I read an English novel, read online newspapers, worked through a book with email exercises, watched TED-movies, and listened to an English audiobook. I really recommend Alma for her skills as an English teacher, her outgoing personality and broad interests. She is really fun to work with, thanks Alma! – Marcel, IT Integrator ❤︎

I was lucky enough to have Alma as my personal teacher. She helped me improve my English skills by using creative methods. She has great teaching skills and she is so easy to talk to! My weekly sessions with Alma were very energizing and never boring as we could also discuss all kinds of subjects. And thanks to her, I have more confidence in using my English skills! – Patricia, HR Consultant ❤︎

Alma is a very nice person who makes you feel at ease. I was very insecure about my English especially in a business environment. She gave me a lot of tips (e.g. listening to podcasts in English, tips for email openings and closings). And the most important tip: just do it. In our 2 hours lesson we talked a lot about everything, work, private life, articles and by speaking a lot it got better every time. The 30 hours of lessons were well spent and if want to continue with another course, I would definitely go to Alma again. – Laura, Transaction Service Account Manager ❤︎

Alma has been a great English teacher to me. I started the classes with her to improve my English as preparation for my international assignment in Hong Kong. We practiced common sentences and pronunciation together. This made me more confident when I arrived there. During my stay in Hong Kong we continued the classes via Skype. What I really liked is our discussions about the cultural differences and the personal element that Alma brings to the classes. I highly recommend Alma as a teacher! – Sarah, Structured Export Finance Analyst ❤︎

The most important lesson Alma taught me was to embed English in my daily life, which I do since then. This really helps me in my daily work. Also, Alma’s lessons were interesting and fun to attend! – Karin, Communications Manager ❤︎

I had the privilege to work with Alma as my personal teacher. She is honest and friendly and guided me in performing at my best. I really liked her pragmatic approach. We used day to day situations in which she provided my with her feedback and alternatives. Thank you Alma! – Lotte, Workplace Change Consultant ❤︎

Ik heb Alma ervaren als een zeer prettige docent! De lessen waren leuk, afgestemd op mijn persoonlijke leerdoelen en vooral erg leerzaam. Ze geeft handige tips en feedback. Daarnaast is ze erg flexibel met het plannen van de lessen. Kortom, een top docent! – Zakia, Business Consultant ❤︎

Alma helped me to become more confident in speaking English. During our meetings we had conversations on many different topics. Just to become more familiar with this foreign language. Besides that, she explained how to use proper English and we repeated some grammar. I enjoyed the lessons and can recommend Alma as a teacher! – Sandra, Product Owner ❤︎

I took a Business English course by Alma. Alma is patient, calm and puts you at ease. She tailors the training for you, which was great! – Barbet, Risk Officer ❤︎

I had some English lessons with Alma. My goal was to improve my spoken business English that I needed for my work at LVNL. I really liked her practical approach: no assessments on long lists of English words … She came up with some other ways to expand (my vocabulary); for example, by listening to English podcasts or watching English TV series.– Daan, Operational Risk Manager ❤︎

Alma Bonger is a great teacher. I found her lessons and her coaching very instructive. She’s a good listener, she understands the needs of her clients very well and above all Alma is very kind and thoughtful. I highly recommend her! – Sandy, Multimedia Journalist ❤︎

Alma coached me to get my writing, reading, speech and listening back on C1 level. She tailored my Business English course. On the one hand she made me feel comfortable with genuine personal interest. On the other hand she pushed my limits. Some of the tips I still use on daily basis. Alma, thank you for being my teacher! – Jeroen, Facility Manager ❤︎

Her flexibility in teaching methods did it for me. We had some interesting conversations while she kindly corrected me if my Dunglish mode took over. Alma is well experienced, sharp and funny. What else do you need if you’re looking for an English teacher? Highly recommend! – Olivier, UX copywriter ❤︎