Home is where our memories are

You choose what you want to remember by the objects you decide to keep.

When you look around your personal space, what type of objects do you surround yourself with? Are you conscious about remembering the past, those memories nestled in the depths of your childhood? Or perhaps you want an open, clean slate, one which represents the life you have paved yourself and are deliberately still building. Some love to keep their things hidden, completely out of sight. Some spend the majority of their lives elsewhere and see no point in furnishing a shell which serves its purpose only by providing shelter.

For others, Home represents much more than a place of rest. It is where we find solace in our thoughts, nurture friendships and cook our meals. It is where we bicker, and sometimes even fight, but always make up before things get ugly. It is also a very personal space which houses our dearest memories and belongings, our favourite books and trinkets collected from long travels abroad. It is the place we feel most like ourselves, a safe haven where our vulnerabilities turn to strengths and dreams can transform into reality.

Home is much more than the objects we keep but keeping memories close helps us tell the story of our lives in the brightest light. What does home mean to you?

Photo taken in Jaisalmer, India.