Q: Can you design a unique workshop for my department or team?

Absolutely! I strongly believe that every student has unique learning needs which can be met with a tailored approach. We’re all busy people and want to spend our time efficiently. A tailored approach ensures your personal needs are met, without wasting your time. It’s also a lot more fun! Please get in touch with me directly if you wish to discuss a tailored request for creative content, workshops for your company, or a private training. (Almost) anything is possible.

Q: Can you translate / proofread / edit my website text / portfolio / CV?

Yes. Google Translate is an excellent translation tool, however if you want to ensure your text is clear, accurate and appealing to native English speakers, I would strongly advise getting in touch for a professional check. A poorly translated website can appear unprofessional to prospective clients.

Q: Can you help me prepare for my presentation / job interview / client pitch?

Definitely! I am happy to support you in preparation for various life events, especially ones in which you need an extra boost of confidence. We’ll practice your speech / interview / pitch together, and I’ll provide you with a digital copy of my feedback and tips to review before the big day. We can schedule as many sessions as you need by phone, online or in person.

Q: I’m not good at languages. Is there any hope for me?

Learning a new language isn’t easy. Everyone learns at a different pace and acquiring a new language depends on multiple factors – your exposure to that language, your existing knowledge and your motivation to learn. After defining your needs, we’ll develop a learning plan that suits your learning style and lifestyle.

Q: I already speak some English. Why should I improve?

If your daily life doesn’t require any English skills, you’re probably fine with the level you’re currently at. However, if you deal with English speakers on a regular basis or provide services outside of the national market, you might benefit from improving your English (intercultural) communication skills. Having the upper hand in an English meeting, phone call or negotiation could open doors to new (international) opportunities. Can you afford to lose a potential job or customer to poor language skills?

Q: What does a coaching session look like?

During your coaching session, we will cover four language skills: reading and listening (input) and speaking and writing (output). I like to keep my lessons interactive and fun, with an emphasis on speaking. We do this by discussing articles, your work or sharing opinions on current events, for example. I often assign homework tasks (fun ones, I promise!) which require you to do some reading, listening or writing. Every assignment is agreed upon in advance and entirely attuned to your needs and learning style.

Q: How many coaching sessions do I need to reach a certain level?

This is a tricky question to answer as it depends on multiple factors. How often do you use English, what is your current level of English, and how much time are you willing to commit to practicing your newly learned skills? On average, highly committed students need a minimum of 10 weekly sessions to score one level higher on the CEFR framework.

Q: I don’t live in Amsterdam. Where can we meet?

I’m happy to schedule lessons online or offline – it’s up to you! Coaching sessions are available via Skype, Teams or Zoom for private clients based outside of Amsterdam (in-company trainings are an exception). I also provide coaching sessions by phone if you prefer to ‘walk-and-talk’ while getting some fresh air.

Q: Help! I don’t know where to begin.

Contact me for a personal intake in which we can discuss your needs, motivation, and learning style. We can work together towards developing a unique learning plan that suits you perfectly. You can also complete this questionnaire and I will contact you within two working days.

Q: What will it cost me?

All requests are personally tailored and vary in price. Quotations are calculated on request starting at 35 euros per hour (editing), 0.08 cents per word (translation) and 60 euros per hour (private coaching), excluding material, travel costs and VAT. Please contact me directly for a personal offer. 

Q: I booked a session but I can’t make it. Can I cancel it?

Unfortunately I cannot provide refunds on cancellations, however all sessions can be rescheduled at no extra cost if requested 48 hours in advance.

Please refer to my terms and conditions for the fine print.