Still learning

The person you are today is a combined effort of forces, namely your parents, your direct family and friends, and the mentors who inspired you along the way. And a large number of them were your teachers, or still are today. You might not remember every single one of them but the important ones will remain close to heart.

Still learning

Shaping identity

Having a child makes you a mother. Being someone’s child makes you a daughter or a son. Having a sibling makes you a sister or a brother. Certain identities are clearly defined, fixed and irreversible, while others are fluid and constantly evolving. We forge our identity largely based on existing frameworks to claim our place in society and experience a sense of belonging. At what point does one identity begin to take over another? Shaping identity

Morning routines and rituals

Some wake early to sit in silence. To hear the birds sing and the leaves rustle as morning seeps into day. To connect with their senses and observe the subtle change in seasons, the smell of the wind and the glow of new morning light. Some wake early to drink their first cup of coffee or tea in silence. To read or to write. Or meditate. We often fail to notice the beauty in everyday when going about our daily business. Morning routines and rituals