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Interview: Husein Rahemtulla, Whole Food Supplier

Husein Rahemtulla is the co-owner and co-founder of Fresh Prep, a meal delivery initiative based in Vancouver. Fresh Prep is built on the guiding principle of serving fresh, quality produce to customers who are seeking healthy alternatives to complement their busy lifestyles.

Interview: Ali Munn, Metal Artist

Alison Munn is a Calgary native currently residing on the western coast of Canada. Her intuitive handcrafting nature is marked by her unique craftsmanship and skill for metalwork. Alison gives a softness that accentuates the durability of the metal pieces, endowing their natural strength with a sense of femininity suitable for women of many tastes.

Interview: Luca Fogale, Musician

Luca Fogale is born and raised in Vancouver BC and his west coast attitude hits close to home. For Luca, home is wherever his music is. Sitting on a sunny patio next to roaring midday traffic, we both opt for a dark roast brewed coffee, agreeing that a solid brew can satisfy one perfectly.