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Interview: Bambos Demetriou, Photographer

In a city that’s bursting with raw talent, Bambos Demetriou is no exception. His eclectic character embraces the unapologetic nature of a life worth living and a journey worth pursuing. Avoiding the use of titles to label his creative process, Bambos shares his sincere perspective on the art of photography.

Ryan McGinley Whistles for the Wind

Whistle For The Wind is the first major monograph chronicling the career of 35-year-old photographer, Ryan McGinley, over its entirety of twelve years. The book also features filmmaker Gus Van Sant who collaborates with McGinley in an interview that renders their views on youth, hedonism and the art of fast living.

Let’s sit down before we go: a collection of memories by Bertien van Manen

It has now been over twenty years since Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen (1942) last visited the remote regions of the former Soviet Union, from which stems her most recent collection. Let’s sit down before we go (2011), features photographs taken by Van Manen during her extensive travels throughout Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Siberia, Georgia, and the Ukraine throughout 1991 – 2009.