On happiness

Happiness is something humans endlessly seek within their lives. Whether it is the rush of buying something new or the release of dopamine triggered by incoming mail, we all seek instant gratification at one point or another to help us feel good. But long-term, lasting happiness does not come easily. It is also entirely unreliable and can disappear or melt away at any given moment, without warning. Chasing happiness is a tiring process to endure with no guarantee that one will ever find it. On happiness

Worth is innate

Self-compassion is a term which carries a lot of weight in the world we live in today. It is about being loving and kind to yourself, always, even when you don’t think you deserve it. Especially on days when you feel disappointed, ashamed or weak. And allowing yourself to feel proud, joyful and strong is a form of self-compassion, too. Worth is innate

Home is where our memories are

You choose what you want to remember by the objects you decide to keep.

When you look around your personal space, what type of objects do you surround yourself with? Are you conscious about remembering the past, those memories nestled in the depths of your childhood? Home is where our memories are