By Alma Bonger

Creative Content and Communication Specialist

Shaping identity

Certain identities are clearly defined, fixed and irreversible, while others are fluid and constantly evolving. At what point does one identity begin to take over another?

On happiness

Happiness is something humans endlessly seek within their lives. What if happiness were a journey in itself, a means without an end?

Worth is innate

Self-compassion is a term which carries a lot of weight in the world we live in today. What does self-compassion mean for you?

Work in progress

Please refrain from taking this space too seriously. It is an experimental platform and always evolving. Hope it brings your inspiration, in some small way. Enjoy.

Interview: Ali Munn, Metal Artist

Alison Munn is a Calgary native currently residing on the western coast of Canada. Her intuitive handcrafting nature is marked by her unique craftsmanship and skill for metalwork.